Secrets Revealed

Some secrets should not be secrets because of the pain they may cause. Since the beginning of time families have had secrets that seem to creep out of the closet even though every effort has been made to keep them tucked away. For example,  25 plus years ago a young couple had a baby out-of-wedlock. They were 19 at the time and wasn’t quite ready for marriage. The relationship didn’t survive but a baby girl was born. The young mother had moved on and tried to provide a good life for her new baby. The young father tried to adjust to the role of being a father. He had an active role in his daughter’s life until she was 5. He stopped coming around as much. By the time the little girl was 7, she didn’t see her dad anymore. Well the little girl found out that he had gotten married and started a family. She learned that she had two sisters. The little girl often wondered why didn’t he want to see her anymore. Her question was never answered, so she started to draw her on conclusions. Maybe just maybe his wife didn’t want him to have a relationship with his first-born. The little girl grew up and went to college only to find out that one of her sisters had been in her circle of college friends. That same sister also went to school with the girl’s cousin. Hmmm a little too close for comfort!!!! I’m sure the dad didn’t expect that to happen. Now it’s years later in the age of technology and social networking, it’s easy to find someone. That’s exactly what has happened to make a long story short! The little girl now an adult has found both sisters on Facebook. She is faced with the dilemma on whether to reach out to them or not. They have no idea that they have a big sister. The decision isn’t easy because it will definitely cause hurt and confusion. She is longing to reach out to them as well as reconnect with her father. She is willing to forgive him for abandoning her.

Should the girl reach out to her sisters and reconnect with her father? Should this secret be revealed? What are your thoughts?




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  1. I think she should try to reconnect with her father and reach out to her sisters.


  2. I think she should at least reach out to her sisters. If I have a sister or brother in the world, I would want to meet them.


  3. I think she should confront the dad first and let the dad man up and introduce her to his new family…wife and sisters. Give him that opportunity. If he doesn’t do it then reach out to the sisters


  4. That’s a good thought. She definitely has something to think about.


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