Too Good to Be True

When a man loves, he loves……………..but when love hurts him, it’s hard for him to love again.

There was this guy who found the love of his life. His love was close to perfection. She was intelligent, beautiful, independent, loving, strong, nurturing, compassionate. She was everything he ever wanted in a woman. When he first laid eyes on her, he knew he had to have her. He nervously approached her, hoping she wouldn’t reject him. Well, it was his lucky day because she gave him her number. The conversation was great, instant chemistry. He couldn’t wait to see her again, so he asked on a date. They went to Wasabi, a sushi house and went dancing at a local hot spot.  That was the first date of many.

The guy and his new love went on to become exclusive. He was feeling her and she was feeling him. They fell madly in love and was the envy of many people. This guy would often think to himself “I’m so lucky to have a love like this!” He couldn’t believe that he found the girl of his dreams. He was so happy!

They arrived at the 2 year mark. The guy and his love decided to keep separate living quarters but they had access to one another’s place. They didn’t want to live together before being engaged. The guy knew in his heart he would not keep her waiting for a ring. It was only a matter of time before she would be his bride-to-be! Is this love affair too good to be true?

One Friday night, after working late, the guy decided to visit the love of his life. Nothing was better than looking into her eyes after a long day. He pulled up to her apartment and didn’t see any light on but her car was there. He thought maybe she had turned in for the night. He decided he would go join her. He went to the door and unlocked it. He kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt and tie. He was ready to get comfortable with his love. He got to the bedroom and opened the door…….WTF!!!! He could not believe his eyes! The love of his life was straddling some guy. They were too busy to notice him standing there. He walked away quietly and went into the living room. He replayed the images in his mind. He’s contemplating whether to leave or stay. His mind is racing and his feet are pacing. Finally, he decided to leave but it was too late.

His love and the guy entered the room only to find him standing there. His love was shocked and the guy was confused. His love saw the hurt and anger in his eyes. She couldn’t lie her way out of this, so all she could say was baby, I’m sorry. He looked at her with disgust and said “F*** You……… weren’t sorry a minute ago!” He looked at the other guy and said, “She’s all yours now, I’m done!” He left her apartment with his heart shattered to pieces. He could not believe the love of his life would hurt him so badly. He asked himself, “Was she too good to be true?”

The love of his life left him with pain and the memory of her unfaithfulness never again to love and trust another. Now to him love doesn’t exist….she was just too good to be true.

Have you ever had your heart broken? Can a man get love again after heart break?



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  1. WOW!
    When a man loves, he LOVES. When he experience hurt from a relationship, it makes it hard for him to trust again.

    Great article!


  2. I feel bad for the guy but men do that to women all the time and expect the women to “forgive and deal with it”. Infact a lot of women forgive and take back the guy I guess “society expects that of women”. But when tables are turned then she is a hoe or a bitch. In my opinion it hurts the same way to be cheated on; man or woman. You have to decide what is best for you.


  3. You make a very good point about men doing that to woman alll the time. When it comes to men and women there is always a double standard. However, I do think that women should be a little more tougher when it comes to taking a guy back after he has been unfaithful. They need to be taught a lesson. The lesson is you can’t cheat and think you are going to get back in my good graces. There are too many men for that. This topic goes deeper because there are so many factors. Good insight KC!!!!


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