10 Things Men and Women Lie About in Relationships

Admit it! We all have lied at some point and time in our lives. It’s the nature of the beast! People lie for many reasons and that’s a fact that won’t change anytime soon. Most people create trouble for themselves when they lie to their partner, whether it is a spouse or significant other. Do you know what men and women lie about in their relationship? Well after a little research, life experiences, and discussion with friends, I have compiled a list of 10 things men and women lie about in their relationship.

  1. Age, weight, and height
  2. Sexual-History-number of partners, unsafe sex practices, etc.
  3. Bad Habits-smoking, drug use, or alcohol consumption
  4. Financial Situation-debt, income, or spending habits
  5. How they feel about certain things-partners family and friends, partner’s career, love and emotions
  6. Enjoyment of sex-how great or not great it is
  7. Past relationships
  8. Attraction to others/Flirting
  9. Spending time with other people-coworkers, friends, or ex-partners
  10. Infidelity

Now there you have it! I bet you or someone you know has experienced either some or all the items on this list. I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts? Which one do you think should be at the top of the list? What are the top 5 in your opinion? Should there be more items on the list?



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  1. I think cheating should be at the top of the list!


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