The Unspoken Truth

Facebook, Datebook, Fakebook, Hatebook, Sexbook, Snoopbook

Founded in February 2004, Facebook is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their family, friends, and coworkers. Anyone can sign up and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment. It has become a huge social networking phenomenon. I venture to say the 1 out of 5 people have a Facebook page.  Now this is all good if we could just use it for what it was intended to be. There are always a few rotten apples that make it hard for others. Why can’t we use Facebook for what it was created for?

Have you or someone you know ever experienced drama of any kind on Facebook? Have you seen people air their dirty laundry or their love life on Facebook? Have you or someone you know ever been busted on Facebook?

I bet some of you reacted like I did when you first saw it………… You probably said something like “Really”,  “Seriously”, ” I can’t believe this sh*!” As I am writing this I am thinking back to the Facebook drama stories I have heard and I can’t help but laugh. It’s really funny!!! Facebook has become “The Unspoken Truth”. People reveal their truths on Facebook.  Whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, they reveal it. Now I am sure there are plenty of people putting on their “representative” or just plain deceitful. I guess it is safe to say Facebook is the Social Soap Opera. Maybe that explains why All My Children is being cut. Why watch daytime TV when you have Facebook?

1st Facebook Drama Story: Last summer me and other mutual friends saw a couple display their dramatic break up on their walls. The guy evidently flirted with someone else at a party and the girlfriend was there. She was furious because it was someone who has been after her boyfriend for a while. I guess he fell for the bait. The following days after the party, the girlfriend posted ” It’s not good to let a 20 come between you and your 80.”  That statement started a chain of events and it got pretty ugly. The bystanders enjoyed every moment because it was drama.  Someone finally said, ” Take that shit to the phone or inbox!” My thoughts exactly! This particular couple was pretty young and they were back together within 2 weeks posting I Love You on each other’s wall. Ain’t that a bitch!!!

2nd Facebook Drama Story: This is a very common story. One of my friends was dating a guy and she really liked him. They always had fun together. One of their favorite things to do  was to drink wine and eat sushi. He was totally accepting of her children. The only problem was getting him to commit. It was similar to Carrie and Big on Sex and the City. She couldn’t understand why because they always spent time together. A friend of hers stumbled on his page and noticed that he was recently married. Everyone was posting congratulations and complimenting the pictures. My friend couldn’t believe it. She found her answer…….. The Unspoken Truth.

         Now let’s talk about the Facebook lovers! No I am not talking about the people who enjoy Facebook. I’m talking about the people who date on Facebook. The question is why do it? It is too public; to social to pull off. Everyone will be in your business. You will be obsessed with checking each other’s page. The minute someone posts something crazy, the shit hits the fan. Don’t use Facebook as a dating site. Join an online dating service (now that’s another discussion altogether). Don’t get me wrong, if you happen to meet your match on Facebook, then all the luck to you. Just keep it outside of Facebook! Your chances for dating success are better. Stop letting the world know your intimate truths. You do have a right to privacy.

 Finding out your significant other or spouse is cheating on Facebook is a new trend! Why hire a private investigator? Just go log into Facebook and there is your “unspoken truth”. I have seen countless of couples break up because of Facebook. I remember one in particular. A friend had pictures of her and her man posted. A mutual friend of another mutual friend had pictures of her and the same guy posted. I know what you are thinking, it could have been from a previous relationship. Well it turns out he was seeing both of the women at the same time. Imagine their humiliation.

You can find a lot of liars on FB! I didn’t want to leave their asses out of the story. Some people have different faces. They say one thing and their profiles say another. For example, a few years ago a man and a woman met and hung out for a little while. They talked for hours on the phone. They went on several dates. It was fun for while and then they decided to just be friends. Two years later, they found each other on FB.  Well after some time had passed, the man posted “Enjoying time with my kids.” Now the woman was shocked because he said he didn’t have kids when they were dating. Then she saw pictures of the kids. She politely inboxed him and said, “I thought you didn’t have children.” He replied, ” I have 4  kids. I thought I told you.” More proof that Facebook is the “unspoken truth”

I actually saw this posted last week and it was kind of funny.  I’m sure it wasn’t so funny to the person that it happened to. Someone posted “Have you ever ignored someone’s text messages but update your status on FB. Then you finally talk to the person and say I’m sorry I didn’t respond, I was asleep.” The person then replies, “Who was updating your status on FB?” I laughed my ass off!!! Hey once again…………….the unspoken truth!

It’s your choice to do what you want to do on Facebook but remember there is always a price to pay for putting your private life on display. Someone is always watching, looking, snooping.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Am I giving up FB anytime soon? Hell no……………it’s very entertaining! Even better it’s  “The Unspoken Truth”!

What are your thoughts ?



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  1. Loved this article. It’s so true 🙂


  2. Thank you for reading it! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂


  3. LOL!!This was too funny! I see this all the time on facebook. People need to read this then maybe they won’t put all of their business on facebook.


  4. Social media has transformed how we communicate. Same as when we started using email and texting. There will be a similar learning curve as there was with email. Dont use all caps when sending an email. Take it easy on reply all and forwards etc. eventually people will learn to keep what they want to stay private outside the internet. Once people see career ending moves continue to affect even the mighty, they will think twice on what they put online.


  5. Tell the truth & shame the devil!!! Lol


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