Your Truth About a Liar 8-5-11

This is our first Your Truth About a Liar story. Check it out!

Dear Truthseeker411,

I have a truth about a liar story for you. I am pregnant and the guy that thinks he is the father isn’t. I told him I was pregnant and he just assumed he was the father. We dated for a little while and broke things off. I started hanging out with another guy and we were intimate. A few weeks later me and the other guy was intimate. I believe I was pregnant already. I was trying to tell both guys but my ex is really excited about being a father. The other guy doesn’t know yet. Either way it’s going to be drama.

Yours truly,
Scared from Alabama

Dear Scared from Alabama,
You are in a dilemma! The thing is there is no way around the truth. You are going to have to be honest with both men. They deserve to know. I am sure a DNA test is in order, so you may want to think about that. The sooner you tell the truth the better off you will be. Things like this never stay hidden. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you!
Truthseeker 411


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  1. Scared from alabama,
    Put yourself in your child’s shoes? Fast forward 8 years from now. Wouldn’t you want to know your real father?


  2. You are stupid not to be honest! Next time use protection.


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