Jack Rabbits and Juice Boxes

Okay so one day recently my sister friends and I  were in Wal-Mart shopping and talking. One friend decided she had to have her weekly dosage of fun in a pouch. She searched and searched for her fun in a pouch. Now me and the other friend were astonished because she was determined to have that fun in a pouch. It was like a crack addict looking for the next high. She was ranting and raving “I can’t believe they don’t have it! Every Wal-mart has it!” I finally say well what are you looking for? She says “A Mommy’s Capri Sun”………..I replied, “what the hell is that?” Her response was that mom’s have their own Capri Suns. The children live for their juice boxes and animal crackers. Why can’t moms live for the adult version? My friend basically told me to get with the program. She said it was one of her stress relievers after taking care of her kids and husband.

After this hilarious scene in Wal-Mart, I decided to pay tribute to all the Single Mother’s that are on the grind daily……………Doing what they have to do!

Single Mothers  are constantly taking care of everyone and everything  but they often neglect themselves. They work, cook, clean, pack lunches, chauffeur, and forever shop for juice boxes and animal crackers. The to do list is always full. Well try adding dating to all the madness. The thing about it is that Single Mothers need to have something just for them. They need a little piece of heaven every once in a while. What I have noticed among my friends that are single mothers is that they are creating their own little heaven by treating themselves to a few little simple pleasures. Some pleasures may be shopping, a night out, a massage, a vacation, or just a simple Daily’s Frozen Pouch. These Single Mother’s are also trying to date. Let’s just say it’s no better than the Single Ladies without children. We all know too well that the dating game is a rat race and it sucks!

I have another friend whose a single mom that has taking the fun in a pouch to a new level. She has a ritual to make her self feel better after a failed date or when she needs a little r and r (you know what I mean) She pulls out a Daily’s Margarita Pouch and her new friend Jack Rabbit and party until all the stress is gone. She feels every woman should have her very own Jack Rabbit because he aims to please, he doesn’t lie or cheat, and he never leaves. She said you only have to keep it clean and operating with batteries.  It’s the perfect animal cracker for women! She said it doesn’t take the place of a man but it comes very close. She has had countless encounters with her Jack Rabbit and Juice Box. She says she doesn’t plan to give up on dating and finding her mister right but in the meantime Jack and Daily’s will be her simple pleasures.

So to all my Single Mother’s and Single Women when that man doesn’t act right, you have stress on the job, or you are home alone and need to exhale, don’t be afraid to join the revolution of Jack Rabbits and Juice Boxes! Get your small piece of heaven on earth! It’s about time we get our Capri Suns and animal crackers 🙂

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  1. Women are strong creatures!!!


  2. I wish I was the jack rabbit 🙂


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