Crazy Week/Your Truth About Dating

It’s been one of those weeks. I could make up excuses but I won’t. Truthseeker has been swamped at work and extremely tired. I will return by the end of the week with a new post. It happens to the best of us. However; I do have a Your Truth About a Liar  for you…………..

Dear Truthseeker411,

I really f****d things up with my girl! I hung out with one of her best friends and we had sex. I did it because I thought she was messing around with her ex because I saw calls from him on her phone and someone saw them at the mall. I later found out it was not what I thought. I feel really bad and I am afraid I am going to lose her. She doesn’t know yet and I am torn between telling her or not telling her. What the f*** should I do?

That’s my truth about a liar!

Stupid F*** from NYC

Dear Stupid F***,

All I can say is WOW!!!  That was pretty low and I can’t believe you did that to your girlfriend. What ever happened to communication? If you were worried about her creeping with her ex, why didn’t you ask? Then you slept with her bestfriend to top it all off. You better be prepared to lose her if you do tell her. If you don’t tell her, I think it will be revealed eventually. Basically it’s a catch 22. Secrets like that never stay hidden. You are in some deep shit and you better hope she can forgive you when the truth does come out. That was definitely a stupid move and it just may cost you.




Ok everyone what do you think? Please give input to Stupid F*** from NYC.


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  1. Wow, Like Truth seeker said…. Catch 22 be prepared to loose her . However , It’s a lot better if it comes from you than someone else. So all I can say is MAN UP and come correct my friend!!!



  2. I think your girlfriend will be more hurt to find out her best friend slept with you. Was the best friend the one that convinced you that your girlfriend was cheating on you? Like truthsayer says you should have asked before getting on a revenge mission. I think you and your girlfriend’s best friend had the hots for each other and were looking for any opportunity to act on your feelings.


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