Rainy Day Reflections

New Study: Men Do Like to Cuddle

There is nothing better than sitting home on a rainy day and cuddling with that special someone. You just hang out on the couch or lie in bed and snuggle up against each other.

It has rained all day and I have been sitting and thinking about how romantic it would be to cuddle with a sweet, handsome, man. I know one man in particular that would appreciate my romantic antics. I’m sitting here listening to the raindrops against the window and I am thinking about the movie we could watch, the game we could play, the long hot bath we could enjoy together, and reminisce about the fun times.

Now I know what you are thinking………..Truthseeker is being really corny right now. Maybe I am but you will be surprised to know that men enjoy cuddling too. According to a recent study conducted by psychologists from Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, men have the need to cuddle also.
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Rainy Day Cuddling is a great way to add a little romance to a relationship. The positive talks and laughter alone is enough to reconnect or enhance a relationship. Another plus is that it doesn’t break the bank…………basically free. Best of all you may find that your man enjoys it just as much as you do! Rainy Day Cuddling is healthy for all couples, so what are you waiting for? Happy Cuddling!

When was the last time you cuddled with your boo? Did you enjoy it? Men, do you really enjoy cuddling as much as the women?



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