The Help

Today’s post doesn’t have anything to do with dating, love, or marriage. I thought I would do something a little different.

Yesterday I finally went to see the movie everyone is raving about………….The Help. I didn’t read the book, perhaps I will in the near future. I must say I did enjoy the movie. The movie has hit home with a lot of people. It touches on a very painful time for many African-Americans. I am not going to give a review/critique of the movie; however, I am going to share what I took from the movie.

 The Help really hit home for me being that the setting was in Jackson, MS and surrounding areas. It also hit home because my grandmother and great-grandmother were maids. They cooked and cleaned for white people back in the day. I mostly remember my great-grandmother being a maid for a white family. I can remember her as clear as day getting on and off that bus to make a living for her family. She did it with respect and pride. She wasn’t a college educated woman but she was quite intelligent and full of wisdom. She wrote beautiful poetry. She was never published but her church binded a copy of all of her poems. Seeing this movie made me reflect on the struggles that many families endured during the Civil Rights Era. It gave me a reminder that “to whom much is given….much is required”. My great-grandmother paved they way for me to be free and successful and I must never take that for granted. I have tried to honor her in a way that would make her proud. Another thing I took from the movie is that you should never let fear stand in the way of you pursuing your dreams. The character Skeeter wanted to be a writer and the story she was writing was sure to cause quite a stir with her family and friends.  She was somewhat frightened but that didn’t stop her. She pursued her dream. The character Abilene had a voice and wanted it to be heard but of course being a black woman and a maid in the south during that time, having a voice was unheard of. She swallowed her fears and let her voice be heard.

Essentially what I took from this movie is courage. Most of the characters in the movie with the exception of the antagonists had to find the courage within themselves. That’s my message today. Remember to be all you can be, never give up on your dreams, let your voice be heard, and most of all be courageous!



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