Fall Kiss and Winter Cuddle

It’s that time again……..

It’s officially fall, winter is around the corner, and football season is in full effect. It’s something about the cooler weather that makes men and women lubby-dubby. That’s right….men and women!!!! This is the season for new love, new adventures, new romance. As a result, you get the Fall Kiss and Winter Cuddle.

The Fall Kiss and Winter Cuddle is the opposite of Spring Fling and Summer Lovin. If you have not read that post check it out’

The Fall Kiss and Winter Cuddle is when romance happens, old flames rekindle, lovers reconnect, and new relationships blossom. No one wants to go through the long winter months unattached to someone. Cuddling up with a pillow or snuggling in a blanket alone is not an option. Men will be making love connections happen. Women will be ready and willing to be snatched up. Don’t be surprised if your spring fling or summer love turn into an exclusive relationship.

Husbands and significant others will avoid the doghouse at all costs. Ladies, this may be the chance to get everything done on that honey-do list. The husbands and s/os want to be able to kiss, cuddle, and make love to you without any hassles. The cool weather reminds them about how well a woman can warm then up.

Fellas, the ladies want to be kissed and cuddled. They want to feel your warm body next to them on a cold night. They want you to rub their hair and plant sweet kisses on their lips. Oh and believe me, the ladies will avoid giving tongue lashings just to get a little fall kiss and winter cuddle. Ha!

Some of you may have what I call old faithful. That’s the person you consider as your friend with benefits. You and this person have a “no strings attached” relationship that is convenient for the both of you. It’s similar to a fling but it continues through all seasons. Old faithful is perfect for the Fall Kiss and Winter Cuddle. It’s like being in a relationship without the hassle.

Now here is the flip side to the Fall Kiss and Winter Cuddle. You may find yourself getting calls from guys and girls from past flings. They are trying to reconnect but not necessarily in a good way. Their main agenda is to make you the fall back guy/girl because they don’t want to be alone. They don’t really want to be in a relationship but they seek companionship. They can’t imagine not having someone to cuddle with so they call you up. If being the fall back person is not a problem for you, then go for it.

Fall and Winter are full of opportunities to get close: romantic fires, holidays galore, snuggle­-friendly weather. If you don’t have a cuddle boo, start looking now. Go ahead the time is now to start enjoying the Fall Kiss and Winter Cuddle.

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  1. , I need to stress the word shluod . Women often make the mistake of assuming that sex = relationship. It’s very possible that this guy is just viewing you as a casual hook up. He may like the regular sex and having someone to hang out with, but at the same time he may not see anything long term with you. If you’ve been doing this routine for more than a month, it is reasonable for you to expect some sort of committment. You both need to be on the same page. If he doesn’t see anything long term with you, then you shluodn’t waste your time on him. It doesn’t take that long to decide if you want to be with someone. I’m a mid-30 s guy and I can tell you that in my experience, when I’ve procrastinated about committing to a woman it’s ALWAYS because I’m not totally into her and not sure that I really want to be with her. She may be a great person and I might be hoping to feel something more, but the truth is that I never will. With my last girlfriend I knew after our first date that she was the one I wanted to be wtih it happened literally that quickly. So to the ladies out there, PLEASE don’t waste your time with a guy who keeps you on the hook for months on end. If he is truly into you, he won’t have a problem committing to you.


  2. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals. I absolutely liked reading all that is posted on your blog.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!


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