Truthseeker’s Reflections of 2011

As I sit and reflect on 2011, I truly can say it was very interesting. I didn’t have a lot of drama or scandals but I think a few things that stood out to me. Where should I start…Let’s see!

One of My  Accomplishments

I accomplished many small things in 2011. I won’t name them all but one accomplishment does come to mind. By April 2011 I was 25 pounds lighter and loving it! Just in time to rock the latest spring fashions. Hopefully I can lose a few more pounds this year 🙂

The Funniest or Most Embarrassing Thing That Happened to Me

In the Spring of 2011, I had a blind date to a Spring Gala. After losing 25 pounds I was very excited about dressing up and being a princess for the night. Not to mention having a an escort. Let’s just say it was a #fail. My blind date arrived to escort me to the gala and I wanted to run for the hills. He didn’t look anything like his picture. He was not an attractive person at all. He closely resembled a camel. He had a very strange look. I don’t know what the hell he did to his pictures, but I couldn’t believe my eyes. He had on a tuxedo that just didn’t do anything for him and to top it all off he had a beanie looking hat on his head. The nice girl in me proceeded with the date but the mean girl in me wanted to tell him the date was off. We arrived to the gala. I slowly walked to the door because I just did not want to enter with Shrek. I just wanted that night to end quickly. I didn’t introduce him to anybody, wouldn’t dance with him, and barely held a conversation with him. I kept thinking how did I get myself in this dilemma.  Needless to say, I survived the gala but you better believe my friends did not let me live it down. As a gag gift for my birthday, they framed a picture of me and a camel’s face on a male’s body. The look on my face was priceless! The lesson learned from this experience is don’t let a blind date escort you to a major function.

The Most Shocking News I Received

Back in June, my ex I dated for six years shared some very big news with me.  My ex and I had this very long and intense relationship. I guess you can say he was my first love. Everyone expected us to get married, including him and me.  When you thought of Truthseeker, you instantly thought of Night Rider.  That’s just the way it was. We’ve been broken up for years and moved on with other people but there’s always this connection. Any who, we have become very good friends over the years. He shared with me that he was going to be a father. He was not happy about the news because he and the mommy to be are not exactly the happy couple. I’m listening to him and trying to come to grips with this announcement. I was totally shocked. I never would have predicted that. I was feeling some kind of way about his big news, but why? After all we have been broken up for nine years. Mr. Night Rider is still trying to come to terms with being a father. He always felt that I would be the mother of his child(ren). I guess in a way I did too.

The Most Surprising Thing I Did

The most surprising thing I did in 2011 was starting this blog. It’s still very surreal at times because I have never done anything like this. It’s kind of funny because I do enjoy writing. I have written poems, skits, and short stories but never have I wanted to share them. One of my friends actually suggested I start this blog because I would always joke about writing a book about dating experiences. Some friends tell have said me starting a blog isn’t a shocker to them but I disagree. However,I am glad I did start The Truth About Dating and I am grateful for my friend who suggested it. It has become a very fun and therapeutic hobby. I wish I could write a post everyday but the Ph.D program takes most of my time. I will continue to post when time allows. I have a few topics written in my notebook. Stay tuned!

Moving Ahead

Twenty-Twelve is here now and I am excited about what’s in store for me. I didn’t make any resolutions because I know I will not follow through. Instead I have set a few attainable goals. Goals I know I can reach. It’s going to be a good year! 2012 is the year of possibilities!

Alright Truthseeker Fans, share some of the things you experienced in 2011. Whether it was funny, horrible, outrageous, or just plain silly.



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  1. urfellowcharger

    Nice. Reading this I can only hope that knight rider nor his gf reads this. its not exactly rocket science to figure out who they are esp since your identity is known. I am sure she’d be hurt that such personal info was disclosed, and he’d be equally bothered that you would make it public. Hope this doesnt get back to them especially her and put a damper on this happy time in their lives. I do know for a fact that they are indeed a happy couple enjoying each other and their brand new daughter.


  2. Urfellowcharger, thank you for reading my blog. I know my identity isn’t hidden and I know that anyone who knows me knows who knight rider is. All you have to do is read the about me section of my blog. That is also where I stated that my blog is my public diary, therefore whatever I post is what I want to share with the world. It’s called freedom of speech. If they are as happy as you say they are then my post shouldn’t put a damper on their happiness. Once again thanks for reading my blog and come back again. Happy Reading!


  3. wow good tips Truthseeker’s Reflections


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