Circle of Sister Friends

 Sisterhood- 1. The relationship between sisters. 2. The feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women.

Do you have a circle of sister friends that you share the bond of sisterhood with? Do they embrace you, speak positive things in your life, have only your best interest at heart? A couple of weeks ago,  I was spending time with my sorority sisters and later I started reflecting on women,  friendship, and sisterhood. I started to think about how blessed I am to have true sister friends in my life. I have developed some friendships that will last a lifetime. I have friends that I have been friends with since grade school, high school, and college. I know I have a circle of sisters that will be there for me no matter what. They keep me grounded.

I started reflecting more when I was watching an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I was watching how Ne Ne, Sheree’, and Kim are no longer friends. They can’t even be civil or cordial to each other. I was also looking at how the entire cast is rather catty and no one really has any loyalty. Now I know it is just a TV show and perhaps there is added fluff for ratings. I guess what I am really trying to say is that yes some  friendships may be broken beyond repair or maybe you won’t have a sister friend bond with all friends; but I think as women we should always stay positive. We need to stay away from the envy, strife, backstabbing, negativity, and being catty. Why do some of us feel the need to compete, undermine, and disrespect each other? We need to have love and respect for each other. We need to lift each other up and be happy when something good happens.

In an article from Essence magazine, First Lady Michelle Obama said it best. ” Women energize me. We kind of hold each other up.” She  says she refuels her spirit by connecting with a small group of girlfriends. With all of her duties as wife, mother, and first lady; she make time to have dinner or just enjoy a girl’s night out.  She continues to say that President Obama is terrific , he is her true partner and spending time with him is key. But it is also important that women find each other and that’s where the natural reenergizing happens.
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I say to you ladies let’s embrace each other. There is strength in numbers. Find you a circle of sister friends. Also when we see each other in the work place, salon, gym, grocery store, mall or where ever, say something nice and don’t judge. There is nothing like a world full of beautiful women. God created a wonderful thing when he created us.

“Sisterhood is many things. It’s a warm smile on a cold and rainy day, a friendly hug, a cheerful hello… It’s all that a good and lasting friendship is, only better. It’s treasured. It’s sacred. It’s knowing that there will always be someone there for you. It’s dreams shared, and goals achieved. It’s counting on others and being counted on. It is real.”~Author Unknown

This is just my latest rant, ramble, or shall I say reflection. 🙂

 Happy Founder’s Day to My Beautiful Sisters of Delta Sigma Theta, Incorporated, January 13, 1913



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