Generation Y’s “FAIL” at Dating

This is an awesome post that sums up the craziness of the dating world. Hat’s off to Sheena from Facehookin’!!!


Chivalry is not dead but it’s more than likely in hospice care unaware it’s pooping on itself. Yes, there are good guys out there, so many are taken or even worse their hopelessly trapped in the “friend zone” for reasons that make women deem them undesirable. This post isn’t really about me being jaded, jilted, and downright fucking hostile when it comes to the treachery of men. Women evoke their fair share too.

This is really just some commentary about how my generation and really, the one before mine, is inept in the dating realm.  We approach it with a consumer attitude of more is more and never enough. No delayed gratification. Extravagant sales pitches and limited time offers.  To obtain more, you often have to lie.
Birth control, thanks to baby-be-gone meds and condoms it’s a whole lot easier to have a casual encounter without the worries (making a pregnant…

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