Face it! He’s Giving Off Clues He’s Not That Into You

Thumbs up Carolina! This is definitely worthy of sharing with my fans! We know the clues but sometimes we have to be reminded. These are great tips to know when he’s not that into you!

Staked in the Heart

A few years ago, Greg Behrendt wrote a brilliant book called “He’s Just Not That Into You” to help women figure out what was going on with men.

The concepts still apply, but need updating.

He’s not that into you if:

1.   He doesn’t call/text or email   Yeah, there’s nothing going on between the two of you except what’s happening in your mind, even if he smiles at you when you run into him wherever.

2.   He calls/texts/emails, but never asks you out – Here’s where it gets confusing: why would he text/call if he wasn’t into you? Because it’s an ego boost. He likes your attention, but not necessarily you. Or he kind of likes you, but not that much.

3.   All he does is text you –  I call this having a “textual” relationship, where all you do is text each other. Texting is nothing, takes little effort, and it’s convenient…

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