Ummm……It’s About Time

Hello Truthseeker Fans,

I know some of you are wondering where the hell is Truthseeker. Some of you probably haven’t noticed I haven’t posted lately. Either way, I’m back for now. *sigh* Let me just say that I have been a busy bee lately. Most of you know I am pursuing my Ph.D in Educational Leadership and Administration. I took three classes this semester and all three professors worked the hell out of me. I had major projects to back to back. On top of that I still have a full-time job that is very demanding. I am so looking forward to a vacation! With all of that going on, I just haven’t had the chance to write a post. The good news is that I only have two classes left and then I will begin my dissertation in the Fall. Yay Me! I’m going to knock those last two classes out this summer.

Oh I almost failed to mention that I am in the process of letting my relaxer grow out. I haven’t had a relaxer since July 2011. It certainly has been a journey. I am still transitioning and have learned a lot about natural hair. A friend of mine said you are brave to start a process like that while in graduate school. She’s right but it was now or never. I do plan to share my journey to natural with you so stay tuned for that.

As far as dating goes…here is my truth about dating story. I haven’t had the time to go on a date. Most of my potential suitors have left the building LOL! They say I am too damn busy! That is up until this past Friday. I was asked to accompany a handsome brotha to a concert. More details on that later.

Anyway Truthseeker fans thank you for hanging in there with me and giving me a nudge when I am gone too long.

Last but not least…………………Congratulations to all Graduates!!!! and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!!!

So tell me what’s been going on in your world?



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