Your Truth About Dating Story 5-13-12

It’s been a while since we have had a Your Truth About Dating Story. I received this email from N.L. in Chicago, a few weeks ago.

Comment: Hey truthseeker411,

I read your post FWB vs Cut buddy. It was very insightful. However, I have an issue. I am seeing this guy and we decided to label our relationship fwb, since we both are not ready to be in a relationship. We are both seeking companionship. The issue is he never calls, he sends occasional text messages. We never hang out in public like go grab a bite to eat or go to the movies. We are always at either my house or his. When we are together we laugh, talk, and have a lot of fun. It just isn’t sex. I get the feeling we are cut buddies but when I ask him, he says no we are more than a rumble in the hay. I expected us to do things together and talk on the phone occasionally. That’s what I signed up for as a fwb. When I read your post, you defined fwb how I expected it to be. My guy friend isn’t holding up his end.I would really like us to continue as fwb. I’m not sure how to make him understand how I feel without coming off as a nagger. FWB is supposed to be stress free. What should I do?

Sincerely, N.L. in Chicago

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Dear N.L.

First of all I want to thank you for reading my blog. Secondly, I apologize for not responding promptly. I have been swamped with school work and it has been hard to keep up with my blog. Nonetheless, I am here now.

It’s sounds like you guys are on two different pages when it comes to how you define FWB. When you guys decided to be FWB, did you guys discuss at length exactly what you were looking for and your meaning of FWB? I ask this because people tend to have different definitions of FWB. There are several blog posts on the topic. My definition goes along with the Urban Dictionary. Also make sure you are not developing feeling sfor this guy. That’s one of the common reasons why FWB do not work. You’re right it is supposed to be stress free. You have to be comfortable and in agreement with the arrangement. That’s why it is important that both of you have an understanding of what the other wants. I say talk to him and tell him what you want. Then see of that is what he wants and go from there. The most important thing is to not settle for the arrangement if you are not happy with it. You have to be willing to walk away from it or it will continue to stress you out.

Alright Truthseeker fans…………what advice do you have for N.L.?



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