Questions Single Women (over 30) Love to Hate

If you are a single woman over 30 I am sure you have been asked these questions at some point and time. Most of the time it is family members that ask these questions at functions such as reunions, family gatherings, funerals, etc. Then you have colleagues that ask these questions in the workplace. Some of your friends and old classmates are even bold enough to ask these questions and oh my goodness don’t forget about the older women in church.

The funny thing is that they really expect an answer to these questions. They stand and wait for some grand explanation and all you can give them is **crickets** You’re thinking in the back of your mind that there are so many other great things that they could ask about. Then you try, while smiling to muster up a response that is polite and politically correct; when really you want to give them a piece of your mind or perhaps ask them a ridiculous question to see how they would respond…..*sigh* I digress.

Here is a list of questions single women over 30 get asked often:

1. Why are you still single? Why aren’t you married yet? Why is a pretty woman like you still single?

This is number one question a single woman over 30 get asked. No matter how it worded; it’s the same damn question. The people who ask it, should ask themselves…why is it any of my business? Have you ever wondered that maybe just maybe that beautiful single woman doesn’t want to be married? Perhaps she is just waiting for the right one and not settling only to be divorced in a year or two. Have you ever wondered that maybe she isn’t putting a time frame on when it should happen. After all it’s her decision, her choice, her right. Just saying!

2. Are you a lesbian?

This is the funniest question! I guess the only plausible reason for a woman over 30 to be single is that she is gay. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian but this doesn’t apply to all single women. How come she just can’t be single by choice? See the explanation for question 1.

3. Are you being too picky?

Does this mean single women should settle for Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, or something equivalent to that? Ok maybe I am being a bit sarcastic. There are a few women that have very high standards that even Barack Obama couldn’t meet but not all women are like that. There is nothing wrong with having standards. Looking for someone who have similar interests, ambition, intellect, morals and values is not being picky. Believe me most men have their standards too. For the most part they are not settling for a total chicken head.

4. When are you going to get the ring?

This question is for the woman who has dated her guy for a while and everyone is wondering when is he going to put a ring on it. This sister can’t date in peace without being haggled. Ummm it will happen when it happens! There is no winning. When she was single everyone asked, “When are you going to get a man?” Now that she has a man, it’s when are you getting married? Geesh!!

If you are one of the lovely  people who love to ask single women over 30 these questions, please think the next time you ask. Put yourself in their shoes and then maybe you will see what it is like to be asked the same redundant questions over and over. If you are a single woman over 30, just remember it is your right to be single and you don’t have to answer these questions ever!

What are your thoughts about this list of questions? Can you relate? Are there other questions that should be added? Fellas are there questions you love to hate? Do share!



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  1. I know. What was sad is that my grandma said to me when I was about 27, “I guess you just done gave up on marriage, huh? I was like…I’m 27…? WT? But you are missing the comment/question, “When are you going to have some kids? You are getting up there.”


    • LOL!!! They ask the questions even before you turn 30. There is no winning! You’re right…………..”When are you having some kids?” is missing from the list. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard that question. Thank you for commenting!!


  2. I am bombarded with #3… I try to explain that I can’t date someone where there’s no chemistry and I’m considered “picky.” Better to be single than in a relationship with someone you don’t genuinely love.


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