Here Kitty Kitty……..Um No I’ll Pass

Have you ever been dumped because of your kitty? If so, I can imagine it wasn’t a good feeling and you probably didn’t see it coming. That’s exactly what happened to a woman who thought it would be sexy to feed her cat, from her mouth, in front of her boyfriend.

Jeremy, a friend of mine had a girlfriend a few years ago. He thought she was pretty hot and tempting.  They dated a little while and had a lot of fun. Their relationship soon came to a screeching halt when she decided to show him a sexy trick. They were hanging out at her house enjoying each others company when she decided it was time to feed her cat. She went into the kitchen to get him some food. She called Jeremy into the kitchen and said watch this. Then she put some food in her mouth and leaned over to feed her cat from her mouth. The cat licked and swallowed the food from her mouth. She then turned to Jeremy and said, ‘That s*%$ was hot!” Jeremy stood there with a blank expression on his face. A few minutes later, Jeremy left.

The girlfriend didn’t understand why he left so abruptly. She decided to call him an hour later and got his voicemail. She left a message and waited patiently for his call. He never called. Three days later, she called him again and still no answer. At this point she is starting to worry. She’s wondering why he all of sudden changed. She felt they had a very good relationship and what could possibly be wrong. A week went by and Jeremy finally contacted her. She wanted to scream, yell, and curse him out; but she didn’t. She politely said, “It’s been a while”. Jeremy finally said those dreaded words…..”We need to talk”. He told her that he didn’t think they were compatible and needed to go their separate ways. Of course, she’s not understanding where all of this is coming from. Her first thought is that he is seeing someone else. She said cut the bull$%*!, it’s another woman. He said no its nothing like that. ” I am just think we are too different”.  She replied, “I don’t understand; we were so happy a week ago.” She continued to say, “How could things  have changed so fast?” Jeremy finally said, “Do you want to know the truth”? She yelled, “Yes”! He said he did not like when she fed her cat from her mouth. He thought it was gross and it turned him off. He said he is not into pets that way. She said she thought it would be a turn on. She was trying to be sexy. He said there was nothing remotely sexy about that. He went on to say that he tried to see if he could get past it but every time he thought about it, he gagged. He said he would never look at her the same. Jeremy hung up after that. The girlfriend was very puzzled and confused. She couldn’t believe she was dumped over her kitty.

When I heard this story I laughed profusely! I couldn’t believe she actually fed the cat from her mouth and thought it was sexy. WTH? I am not a pet lover and if I were, you would never catch me feeding it from my mouth. I guess there are things that can really be a turn off when it comes to dating. Therefore, if you think feeding an animal from your mouth is a turn on, think twice. You just might get dumped!!

Would you have dumped your girlfriend/boyfriend over this? Have you ever dumped someone over something that completely turned you off? Have you ever done something you thought was sexy but turned out to be not so hot? Do tell!



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