Date Night Chronicle1:Reviving the Chocolate

A few months ago a friend and her boo decided to play matchmaker. They wanted to set me up with her boo’s friend RT. After listening to their well prepared speech about RT and his qualifications, I said give him my number.  Evidently, RT was very eager to get acquainted with me. He called the very same night. What I didn’t know was that he saw me at a function and was very impressed ;-). Our first conversation was interesting. We talked for about 30 minutes. Just long enough to get a few formalities out of the way. After that we would talk maybe 2-3 times a week. My schedule was always so hectic with work, classes, and anything else I had to juggle. Mr. RT was very enthusiastic about seeing me but our conflicting schedules just wouldn’t allow it. Well it was mostly my schedule.

One Friday afternoon, RT decided enough is enough. He called and asked if I had plans for the evening. I said no but it had been a very long week and I am going to stay home and unwind with a bottle of wine. I also shared that I had to make chocolate covered strawberries for a baby shower. He asked is there was any way I could squeeze him in. I reluctantly said yes he could come over and have wine with me. He was elated and couldn’t wait. I hang up and think to myself if you get the strawberries done before he arrives, you can relax. Well let’s just say that didn’t happen. By the time I spruce up the house and myself, the doorbell was ringing. I really needed to have those strawberries ready by the next morning. I had so much to do.

RT was looking casually handsome and he had a huge bottle of Moscato. I had already bought a bottle and had been working on glass number one. We exchange pleasantries and I poured him a glass of wine. We talked and watched TV.  An hour had gone by and I started to think about the chocolate covered strawberries. I was feeling uneasy because I was in for a late night and I had to be up early the next morning. I finally asked RT would he be offended if I started to work on the chocolate covered strawberries. He said no problem. He shared that he was just glad to be in my presence. We move the wine party to the kitchen. He sits down at the bar and watch me work. I’m melting the chocolate and entertaining him at the same time. He is impressed that I have a few skills in the kitchen. All of a sudden something was going horribly wrong with the chocolate. I am stirring and stirring and it’s stiff. I’m panicking because I thought  followed the recipe. I am flushed because nothing  I did worked and the chocolate seemed to be useless. At this point, I am embarrassed because it seems that I have no clue about cooking or baking. What’s a girl to do!!

RT comes to the stove and tells me to sit and have another glass of wine.  He takes matters in his own hands and makes an attempt to salvage the chocolate. He adds a little milk and turns the heat down and stirs slowly. I sip my wine and wait patiently for the end result. I’m thinking to myself, I did everything he did and it didn’t work. What makes him think it’s going to work for him.  To my surprise the chocolate started to get smooth. He kept stirring slowly and patiently. Then voilà the chocolate was revived! He turned to me and said I revived your chocolate, you may start dipping now. I was shocked, impressed, and relieved all at the same time. He went on to say he took a some culinary classes a few years ago. He thought he would take the opportunity to show off a few skills. I laughed and thanked him for reviving the chocolate. Still a little embarrassed, I asked him would he like to help dip the strawberries in the chocolate. He said yes. We continued sipping wine, dipping strawberries, and having stimulating conversation for the rest of the evening. We also we helped ourselves to a few of the delicious strawberries.  I was so hesitant about the date in the beginning because I was tired and had too much to do. It turned out to be an exciting and memorable date. RT was truly a gentleman and I will always be grateful to him for reviving the chocolate.

Do you have a funny date night story you would like share? Do tell!



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