To Do or Not To Do

It seems like it’s the  thing to do if you want fame and fortune. Well it seemed to have worked for Pamela Anderson and Kim Kardashian.Let’s not forget about Paris Hilton. She already had the fortune but that tape brought her fame. Now it’s becoming a trend to do if you are in a relationship or married. More and more couples are wanting to experiment with making a sex tape.  Some couples whether married or dating  are taking a  big leap and spicing things up in the bedroom with their digital recorders or webcams. They feel that it is exciting and it gives them a chance to explore something different in the bedroom. Experimenting in this manner should be well thought out and not taken lightly.

Points to ponder before committing to make a sex tape:

  • Make  sure you can totally trust your spouse or significant other. Think about it, what if you suddenly break-up and it becomes very bitter. Whose to say your spouse or ex won’t share the tape out of spite. People change all the time.
  • Decide what happens to the tape if by chance the relationship ends. You may want to delete or dispose of the evidence after you have viewed the tape together. If not, both of you should have a plan of disposal just in case. Can you be sure the other won’t make a duplicate? That goes back to trust.
  • Be sure to keep it in a secure location. This is something you don’t want to have out in the open. The children might mistake it for their favorite show. Someone may break into your house or car for that matter.
  • Consider wearing masks or disguises to hide your identity. I know that sounds corny but it may be less embarrassing if it gets leaked.

I know what you are thinking. That’s a lot of ish to ponder about adding something fun and exciting to the bedroom! Well there are both positive and negative aspects when you decide to capture an intimate moment on film. Although it’s very naughty and nice, the evidence will be there for the world to see. Just remember all the celebrities that have had their intimate productions leaked.

So the question is to do or not to do???? What are your thoughts?



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