Fifty Shades Casting Poll

The Fifty Shades Trilogy is the hottest phenomenon right now, whether you love it or hate it. Women have been obsessing over this book for months now. It’s the topic of discussion everywhere. Some husbands have been very pleased because their wives have added a little spice to the bedroom. Public libraries all over have banned the book. Sex toys have sold out like crazy. Whoa can you say Pop Culture at it’s finest!! Now the movie rights have been snatched up by Universal Pictures and Focus Pictures. It’s only natural the latest buzz is who should play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Whether we want to see this trilogy become a movie or not, it’s in the works.

Since Fifty Shades was originally written as Twilight Fan Fiction, many fans would like to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart play Christian and Ana. I prefer they don’t. I would like to keep Twilight and Fifty Shades separate even though there are similarities. There’s a lot of buzz about Ian Somerhalder campaigning to get the part of Fifty. What do you think?

Who would make a good Christian Grey aka Fifty?


Chris Hemsworth                      Ian Somerhalder                               Matt Bomer


Henry Cavill                                   Robert Pattinson

Who could pull off playing the naive, headstrong Anastasia Steele?


Zooey Dechanel                       Anne Hathaway                           Jessica Stroup


Michelle Trachtenberg                Emilia Clarke                           Lyndsy Fonseca

Personally, I am not sure I want the trilogy to be a movie. We all know movies never live up to the books. We are usually left disappointed. I already have a picture of what each character looks like in my mind, I suspect many of the Fifty Shades Lovers do. Although, I feel this way I’m sure I will go see it when it comes out anyway. Meanwhile, we can attempt to choose the best Christian and Ana.

Who do you think should portray the characters Christian and Ana? Cast your vote today! If there is someone you think should be included in the list, please post their name in the comment section of this post. Feel free to share your thoughts!



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  1. Henry Cavill is Christian Grey! His Dunhill Black ads on youtube SCREAM Fifty! He has the looks,the body,the eyes,that boyish smile & sexy smirk. On Tudors he has played seductive,domineering,classy,pained,playful & had no problems with the nudity & sex scenes. He looks like a greek god & looks great in a suit. He is the only one who has the LOOKS & acting experience to play all sides of Christian. There is no on else out there I’ve seen that has the looks & ability like he does. They are either good looking,but haven’t done much in their career to show they can pull off this character or vice versa. As for Ana I selected Lindsey Fonseca, but she is my 2nd choice. My 1st choice is Alexandra Daddario. She has the long brown hair,alabaster skin,great lips for her biting & piercing blue eyes to big for her face like described. She has an innocent beauty reuiring no makeup which Ana rarely uses & at 26 she looks 22 & innocent yet her look can be played up sexy when need be. She is also mature enough to handle the steamy scenes & her role in Percy Jackson has given her action experience for Anas little action scenes. They would look great together!


  2. Jennifer Alexander, absolutely!! She is who I pictured in my head when I read the books. She would be the perfect Anastasia. 🙂 Super pretty, innocent, and alluring.


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