Break Up With Me and I’ll Sue

There is an article in the July 2012 issue of Marie Claire Magazine that totally shocked me. Apparently you can sue an ex lover to recover expenses that occurred during the relationship. WOW!

This couple only dated a few months when his aggressive, controlling, insecure, and smothering behavior started to rear its ugly head. They constantly argued because he couldn’t control her. He wanted to make her love him. They went on a vacation to India, which was probably not a good idea. They fought during the entire two-week vacation. She decided she would break up with him once they returned home. She did just that and of course it wasn’t an easy break up. He begged and pleaded and she denied all of his attempts. She was ready to be drama free.

A while later he emailed her and asked if he could be reimbursed for money he spent on the vacation to India, including restaurant visits, hotel and spa charges, a few other miscellaneous charges. She ignored it. He sued her for $900. Evidently she missed the court date and the judgment was rendered. She had the option to pay or reopen the case.

She chose to pay the $900 because she realized her ex was still trying to have control by forcing her to face him court. She felt like paying the judgment was worth not giving him this last shred of power. She just wanted to be free of his a$$ once and for all.

Click here to read the article.  My Ex Sued Me – Man Sues His Ex for Vacation Costs – Marie Claire

I must say when I first read this I was appalled. I can’t believe he sued her and actually won. Can you imagine how many other scorned lovers will come out of nowhere and sue for all the dates, Christmas gifts, and  Valentine’s Day goodies they paid for? When you enter a relationship, you do so at your own risk that it may not work out. If it that happens you deal with it and move on. Now you have to worry about being sued. This takes dating to a whole new level.

The best part of the article is her walking away and not giving him the power. She paid the money and it was worth it to have a peace of mind. There is nothing like having peace after being in a crazy, chaotic relationship. Maybe she should sue him for being aggressive and controlling. Surely she could get punitive damages for dealing with his crap. Hmm I wonder did the $900 make him feel better.

Would you sue your ex if he/she broke up with you? Would you have paid the $900?  Is it right to sue someone for not loving or wanting to be with you?



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