Finding a Wife

This post was written by Sammie from It was written for the men but women I think you can benefit as well Enjoy!

It is not easy to connect with a good woman. If you want to have a good woman in your life, you must be willing to do all that it takes to find her. Before you find, you must search. Proverbs 18:22. If you don’t search but ‘stumble on’ a woman, she’s is not the one you are looking for. She must be sought for and found.

Guys, when dealing with a woman you must understand that she’s more than what you see. Men are moved by sight but a woman is far more complex than what you see. If you don’t realize this, you will be deceived. A woman realizes that men are moved by sight so she dresses to impress, confuse and distract you. Don’t be deceived by what she looks like because that is the least important part of her being. What is important is within her.

A woman may have fake hair, fake eye lashes, fake boobs, fake bum, fake face but she cannot fake her character. This part of her being is real and cannot be faked. If she tries to fake it, she would fail woefully. To reach her character, her soul, her real person, you must wade through all that she presents to you at first sight. This will be difficult for you to do but if you want a WIFE, you must be patient with the process.

Her body may arouse and excite you but that doesn’t make her special. It is a natural reaction for a man to respond physically to a beautiful woman. What is important is to be aroused and excited by her soul and her character because that is the real person. A woman may not arouse you with her body but if she attracts you with her character and her soul, you will be aroused by her body. Therefore, you should focus on searching for a woman with the right character because that is the foundation for a great relationship. A woman who always draws your attention to her body has nothing else to offer you and is trying to deceive you. If you allow her sexy body to deceive you, if you allow sex to manipulate you, you will live with an ugly character.

What you should search for is that woman with a ‘sexy character’ that arouses you all the time. Such a woman is rare that is why you must search for her. You must look beyond your physical reactions to her and focus on your soul reactions. She may or may not arouse you physically-initially- but if she is your wife, the one you have been searching for, she will definitely connect with and arouse your soul.



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