The Secret is Out…….Who’s at Fault?

I stumbled across this story yesterday and found it intriguing. It was interesting because of what people had to say about it. Below is a summary  from the Ryan Cameron Show on V103 in Atlanta.

A Cobb County woman kept her HIV positive status secret from her boyfriend for nine months! He was rambling through her cabinet and found her medicine. He then Googled the name of the medicine to see what it was for and found out that it was a treatment for HIV. After confronting her about the medicine, she confessed and ran to Texas. In a situation like this who is more at fault?

People had a lot to say about the fact that she kept her status a secret during their 9-month relationship. Some folks feel she should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Some people feel they should have been tested before they decided to have unprotected sex. Others feel the guy was stupid for not having protected sex. As I read more and more of the comments, people were dogging the brotha out for not protecting himself. More of the blame was shifted on him instead of her. I just found it to be ironic because a lot of men have engaged in unprotected sex knowing that they were HIV positive and in general there was no empathy for them. Immediately, we are ready to throw the book at them. Locking them up and throwing away the key would be too easy. It’s seems we have more empathy for a female who keeps her status a secret. Why is that?

Well my thought of the matter is that they are both at fault.  If she kept her status a secret and knowingly infected him, she should have to pay for her crime. A lot of men and some women have been convicted of using their HIV positive status as a deadly weapon. It was her moral duty to disclose her status to him. It was also his duty to protect himself.  It is 2012 and we should not be putting ourselves at risk.  Don’t be so trusting. We should not be too comfortable with having unprotected sex.  If you are in an exclusive relationship, get tested together on a regular basis. If you are not in a relationship, get tested on a regular. HIV is just like a bullet. It doesn’t know age, color, race, gender, or financial status. When it strikes; it strikes!

I know I blog about a lot of random stuff that happens in the world of dating but this is certainly The Truth About Dating. Know Your Status! Get tested! That’s real talk!

Who do you think is at fault in this situation? The man, the woman, or both? What are your thoughts?



For more information about HIV/AIDS

Click on the link for  a list of U.S. prosecutions for  HIV exposure.


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