What You Need to Prepare for Hurricane Romance

I seriously have cabin fever. I have been stuck in the house for two days because Hurricane Issac wants to hang out and wreak havoc. While browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon this post. Check it out!

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You have probably all heard by now that bad weather makes you want to have sex but what do you need to prepare for hurricane romance? Follow these tips to ensure that this natural disaster could lead to one of the best sex nights of your life!

1. Shelter

Okay, this may be a bit obvious but still it’s worth mentioning. Gale force winds, hail and the possibility of a tsunami don’t make for the best conditions for some outdoor sex. Neither does picking broken glass off your body so, if you can, find yourself a safe, well fortified location, preferably with a bed, or sex furniture. Whatever works.

2. Soft, Awesome Blankets

Okay so going full out and building a blanket fort may turn off your potential lover but making sure you can keep warm and comfy when the scary rain is pouring down is a plus.

3. Battery-operated fan

Okay, so unlike most rainstorms which are cold and yucky, hurricanes can be wet and super hot (which sound like good descriptors for a date, but not weather) which can lead to some unsexy sweatiness. A battery operated fan is good way to cool down your partner after you two heat things up.

4. Snacks!

This is key, not just because they’re yummy but survival-wise you want to keep some non-perishable goods on hand. Cheez-its, M&Ms and Twinkies may have questionable nutritional benefits but come on! They’re perfect disaster food.

5. Water

No jokes folks, water is really important. Stockpile it.

6. Tuneage

Your i-phone/i-pod is great but you’re not gonna want to run down those batteries if there is a real disaster. If you’ve got any guitar skills (and a guitar) whip that out. I, on the other hand, always keep a harmonica handy for such occasions.

7. Movies and TV

If you’re lucky enough to have power, now is the time to break out the DVDs! Box-sets of shows that your well-meaning ex got you are perfect for these occasions. They’re perfect for snuggling in front of and having a little couch sex.

Warning: this does not apply to Breaking Bad. Seriously. Don’t ever let someone distract you from this extremely addictive show.

8. Board Games/ Sexy Board Games.

Board games are key to surviving any disaster, especially if the power goes out. That’s why it always pays to keep a ratty Monopoly board, Cranium or even Trivial Pursuit around to kill the boredom. Plus, board games actually teach you a lot about someone’s personality, giving you insights as to whether this bad-weather romance will weather the test of time (PUNS!).

9. Candles

Candles are like the photo shop of the real-world. EVERYONE looks better in candlelight. Plus, if the power goes out it will transform the atmosphere into post-apocalytpic and scary to post-apocalyptic and SEXY.

Stay safe!

Are you prepared for the hurricane?



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