Dance With Me

Baila conmigo, vamos a bailar con mi bebé!

Since I have completed my coursework and will not start on my dissertation until October, I have some free time on my hands. Now you would think I would just relax and savor the moment of not having to do research, research, and more research. Oh no! I have to find something to get into. Last year, I took a cake decorating class. This year I’ve decided to take Ball Room Dance Lessons. I’ve always wanted to learn all the Latin dances and now I am going to learn them and more much. I have talked about this with friends for years. I am excited the opportunity presented itself. The defining moment was when I was out with friends this summer. I danced with a young, handsome papi that knew his ish on the dance floor. We danced and danced. He taught me the basic steps of the Merengue. I tried my best to keep up with his smoothness and swagga on the dance floor. He was polite and indulged me and my fancy footwork.

After researching dance studios, I enrolled in a beginner’s class. It’s been a couple of weeks and my hour-long sessions have been exhilirating, exhausting, and enlightening. I am having so much fun. I’ve been told by my teacher that I am a quick learner and a natural. Hmmm………I think she is being nice. The first  dance I learned was the East Coast Swing. It’s fast with a lot of twists and turns. My teacher asked me to stay for the next class. I eagerly agreed because learning the Salsa was on the agenda. Muy Sexy! We learned the basic steps and a few turns. We practiced with partners and then towards the end we switched partners. Damn it was fun! My feet were killing me by the end of the night but that didn’t stop me. I.Was.A.Dancing. Diva.

My new hobby got me to thinking that this would be a great thing for couples to do together. It’s a cool and fun way to spice of your relationship. It’s a good workout and you can spend quality time together. Being that close to each other can reignite the flames. It may also be a fun first, second, or third date. It’s definitely different from the typical dinner and a movie. Fellas, what a way to impress a lady! Singles it’s a wonderful way to meet new people. Don’t knock it until you try it.  I say put on your dancing shoes and let the magic begin!

All this dancing, made me remember a song by Debelah Morgan.

 Click here to check out the video Dance With Me

P.S. When my dance moves are tight, I’m going to find that young, handsome, papi and make him dance with me! #blatinaprincess



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  1. Dancing is an expression, an exercise and a passion! Just dance gurl! Way to go…


  2. you're just a dumb ass

    Just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for the one Lovely Blog award!


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