Knowing When to Let Go – Plain Truth 29

Do you know when to let go?

In my class that I am teaching, one of the main themes is letting go. When you let go, you free yourself. For the religious, letting go means “letting God” do what he needs to do. Plus, letting go leads to dropping the burden. In more than one instance, letting go is a good thing.

So, why can’t so many people realize this?


I was dating this guy, but now he is dating someone else. I know that it is over, but I just don’t understand why he did this after he told me he “loved me” and “would never do anything to hurt me”. Why is he doing this?


Because he is probably young and indecisive?

I am not going to do any research this time. I’m going off the cuff.

Here it is: you need to “pack your bags and keep it moving”. With all due…

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  1. I’m not sure if I know when to let go. At least I do try to let go, but this particular person always comes back…. and then we try to date and it only lasts for a few weeks bc we want different things. He wants friends with benefits (read your last blog!) and I like him too much to not want more. Did I mention we work together? Very hard to let go…


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