Such an Honor…..One Lovely Blog Award

Imagine my surprise when I received a message that I had been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award!

It’s such an honor to be nominated by for the One Lovely Blog Award! Thank you so much for the nomination and your blog is awesome! You rock! Check out the latest post from

I have blogged for a year now and the journey has been great. I have come across many wonderful bloggers who put their hearts and souls into creating magnificent posts. Lately, I’ve had a case of writer’s block, but this may just be the key to get my juices flowing again 🙂

If you are one of the nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award you must do the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to them in your post.
  • Share seven random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers or blogs.
  • Contact the bloggers you nominate to let them know and to link them back to your post so they can read “The Rules,” too.


Seven Random Facts About Me

1. I have a HUGE crush on Michael Ealy! I would love to go on a date with him one day.

2. I’m really a timid person.

3. I’m planning to create another blog in the future.

4. I had dreams of becoming a psychiatrist before becoming an elementary teacher.

5. I would like to write a book someday.

6. My favorite word is persnickety..perhaps it’s because I am persnickety.

7. I think picnics are romantic.

Blogs I Enjoy/My List of Nominees

Love, Lust and Everything in Between


Single & Happy


memoirs of a woman with chutzpah

Ella Elle L’A

Misadventuresin Cleveland Dating


The Oven Mitt

Black! Not White Dipped in Chocolate

Married Spice

Cleo’s Dating Blog

Quest for the Perfect Curl

Girl Whisperer


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  1. Congratulations! Thanks for the nomination.


  2. Thanks for the nomination dear, you’ve got one lovely blog!


  3. you're just a dumb ass

    You are awesome!!!!


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