Hierarchy Part 2

I’m sure most of you enjoyed Peter Black’s post Hierarchy. As I stated before, women have a hierarchy of men too. This post is my rebuttal to Peter Black’s post. Men think they have all the fun. Little do they know, we invented the shit. 🙂

1.      Hubby

Just as the Wifey, the Hubby atop all others. The Hubby is “THE MAN”. He puts it down like no other.  He takes care of home in many ways. He happily steps up and provides for the home.  He’s your knight in shining armor and will defend your honor any day.  He’s the one that totally gets and accepts you, flaws and all.  He has the good/bad boy appeal.  He’s the total package. Basically,  he’s all that and a sack of potatoes.

2.      Boo Thang

Boo Thang is the guy that wants to be Hubby. He could have possibly been Hubby but he’s lacking a certain je ne sais quoiFor that he will always be second best. He’s always trying above and beyond to prove he can be the Hubby.  His ego gets in the way, hence there’s always a pissing contest where Hubby is concerned.  Boo Thang get the “treatment” when Hubby isn’t being Prince Charming. The thing to remember is to dangle enough bait to keep Boo Thang around but not mess up what you have with the Hubby. Let’s face it Boo Thang has the potential to destroy your happy home.

3.     Hook Up

The Hook Up is similar to Peter’s Jump Off.  They both understand the intricacies of  the hierarchy. Minimal contact is needed for the Hook Up and is willing to kick it from time to time. The Hook Up knows about Hubby but he’s not trying to move up the ladder. This is where he and the  Jump Off differ. The Hook Up already has a Wifey,  he’s not trying to replace her. He just needs an escape every once in a while. You and the Hook Up are on the same page, which equals less drama.

4.      Stand By

The Stand By is the guy that is waiting for just a little of your time. He’s like a spare tire for the Hook Up,  the Boo Thang, or the Hubby. He is clueless about the hierarchy. He’s just trying to get in where he fits in. The Stand By is usually the guy that wanted to date you once upon time but didn’t. He essentially feels the both of you have unfinished business. He doesn’t realize he will never move pass Stand By.

Ladies have you ever ranked your men? Men, where you fall on the hierarchy?



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