A Day in the Life: Random Ish of 2012


Twenty Twelve wasn’t an explosive year for me but I did accomplish a few things and it was an enjoyable year. One thing I accomplished was completing my coursework and starting the beginning phase of writing my dissertation. I began my program the summer of 2010.  It feels great to be one step closer to being Dr. Truthseeker.  Another accomplishment was totally rocking and embracing my natural hair. I started the journey in 2011 and now I am 95.5% natural. Sharing posts about dating, love, relationships, random rants, and issues with you is truly rewarding and an ongoing accomplishment. I’m looking forward to moving forward in Twenty Thirteen.

Now check out pics of the random ish I did in 2012………


Girl’s Night Out at Characters…Them heffas didn’t tell me to fix my shirt!(February 2012)


The Bonds of Sisterhood

Hanging out at Shaggy’s on the beach after attending a cookout (March 2012) 


Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Hmmm I think…maybe it was another function. We still look fly 🙂


Doing my thing at the crib #curlypuff


Hot Summer Nights at the Beau!!


My girl Boho Chic (red shirt) had to make a grand exit for her going away party. She threw a Fifty Shades of Going Away Brunch! The food was stupendous! The party favors were the! We had handcuffs made of chocolate, sugar cookies with sayings from the book, masks, and oh an appearance from Christian Grey himself in Charlie Tango. #fiftyshadesoffun


Waiting for Christian Grey in the Red Room of Pain!


My Top Model Twin Friend. We were born on the same day, same month, same year, same hospital! That ish is crazy!

Chocolate Trouble & Red Head Bandit (She swears that I had Red Hair when I was younger.)


Fifty Shades of Going Away! (September 2012)

Boho Chic make us proud in Italy 🙂


I’m about that Glamorous Life! Smile for the camera now flick, flick, flick! Naturally Me


Rockin the Curly Fro at the All Black Party in NOLA! (November 2012)


Family Times!

My cuz is on the journey #naturalhair!


The bigger the better! Twist-N-Curl


Looking back at the pics I took in 2012 makes me love my natural hair. I can be curly, straight, rock a fro or puff.

Thank you for reading by blog and taking part in my shenanigans! Be careful and be safe! Much love!

Happy Holidays from Truthseeker!!


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