A Look at 2012 in Blogging

Happy New Year Truthseeker Fans!!!!!

Since starting this blog in July 2011, I have definitely grown. I started under the name Truthseeker411 and later revealed my identity to family and friends. I changed the title and the layout of the blog.  It was definitely a slow but fun start. I am grateful for the support of friends, family, and other people who have taken the time to read my rants and ramblings.  As for 2012, my fan base has increased. I have more subscribers and that’s a good thing. I’ve had guest bloggers, won two awards, and  established friendships with a few fellow bloggers. Twenty Twelve has been nice for The Truth About Dating. With that being said, here are the blog stats for 2012:

  • The Truth About Dating was viewed 28,000 times in 2012
  • There were 59 blog posts 2012. That brings the total to 91 posts.
  • There were visitors from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Here are the Top 5 Posts written by Truthseeker of 2012….

  1. Friends With Benefits vs Cut Buddies
  2. A Deadly Lie
  3. Questions Single Women (0ver 30) Love to Hate
  4. Shades of Love
  5. 10 Things Men and Women Lie About in Relationships

Top 5 Posts written by other bloggers/guest bloggers that was shared on my site…….

  1. Six Different Types of 35 Year Old Men
  2. What Do Black Men Think of Black Women’s Natural Hair
  3. For the Love of Our Black Sisters
  4. Forbidden Love: Interracial Relationships
  5. Seven Different Types of 35 Year Old Women

  My vision for 2012 was to:

  • Increase my fan base…..mission accomplished
  • Have a few guest bloggers………mission accomplished
  • Get more feedback or comments……a work in progress
  • Start Date Night Chronicles (Real dating experiences)…….mission accomplished
  • Have  over 100 posts by the end of 2012…….Almost….91 posts

My vision for 2013…..

  • Continue to increase my fan base
  • Get more feedback and comments (establish a community)
  • Have over 150 posts by the end of 2013
  • Start an Ask Peter Black Column

Twenty Twelve was amazing!! Let’s make Twenty Thirteen more amazing!!

Which post did you like the best? Which post do you think should have made it to the Top 5? What are your plans for 2013?


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  1. CONGRATS on your accomplishments of 2012 and looking forward to you surpassing your 2013 goals!!!!


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