Does Size Really Matter?

This topic is pretty controversial and has been debated over and over. We all think about it from time to time. It’s enough to get the women excited and the men pissed. Can we reach a general consensus on this much debated topic? Think about it……….Women, we wait our whole lives for this moment and we want it to be special and memorable. We want to overflow with energy and excitement. We want our man to give it his all. For some of us, it’s a deal breaker if he doesn’t come through. So I ask the age-old question…..Does size really matter?

Every woman can’t wait until the day that special guy proposes. We often think about the setting, the outfit, the moment. Oh wait! Did you think I was talking about penis size? Ha! get your mind out of the gutter! 🙂

We place a lot of emphasis on bling partly because of the superficial world we live in. Everybody had something to say about Beyoncé‘s 18 carat ring and Kim Kardashian‘s 2 million dollar  ring.


 I’ve had this conversation with girlfriends and it’s amazing how many different opinions we have on the topic. Some friends say yes size does matter to them because they really don’t want a small ring that you can barely see. On the flip side some say they don’t want a huge gaudy ring. I have some friends that say it doesn’t matter , it’s really what’s in his heart that matters. One friend said it doesn’t matter but she would feel some kind of way if her man gave her a tiny bite-size ring.  Another friend said she would hope a man does his best to impress since he is trying to spend the rest of his life with his woman.

 There are even some rules of thumb a man should consider when he buys an engagement ring. One in particular is that a man should spend at least 10% of his annual salary or several months of his monthly salary on the engagement ring. I don’t know who came up with that but many tend to follow that rule of thumb. Another rule of thumb is a man should do what he can financially. He shouldn’t go overboard if he can’t afford to.

I had to include the men in this discussion. I asked a couple of guys does size really matter. One guy said should the ring even matter at all. He said engagement rings are a bunch of commercial hype to get men to spend more money. It’s basically an attention getter for the women. During that time everyone oohs and ahhs over the ring.  The other guy said it shouldn’t be about the size of the ring but it’s the thought that counts. He went on to say why go big  or extravagant in the beginning. What would happen by the 10 or 25 year anniversary?

So what does Truthseeker411 think? Well in my opinion the size shouldn’t matter. The marriage should matter. Often people do get caught up in the hype of being engaged and planning the wedding, they don’t think about what happens after. Maybe that’s why there are so many divorces. Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting to get that beautiful ring but we should not put unnecessary pressure on a man to buy a huge or very expensive ring. Think about him bringing that debt to the marriage. You might end of paying for your ring in the long run. I would also have to agree with what one of the guys said. If you start out extremely big, what do you have to build up to? It would be very nice to have a more beautiful ring for my 10, 15, or 25 year anniversary.

I have a story for you…………………

One of my very good friend’s has been married for close to ten years now. When her husband proposed, he didn’t give her the ring of her dreams. It was smaller than she preferred but she didn’t say no. Why? She knew that he was a good man, he would be a great provider, and most importantly she loved him. Since they have been married he has provided a very good life for them and their children. Knowing my friend, she would probably say ring size does matter because she would like her ring to be a little bigger. Even with that being said, she wouldn’t trade her life for anything. I truly think he is going to upgrade her ring and that will make it all worth it in the end.

This is a pretty hot topic and I am not sure a general consensus would ever be met.  It makes for a good red-hot discussion between men and women. So let the discussion continue……….

Does the size of the ring really matter?



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  1. I could not agree more with your assessment truthsayer!


  2. Thanks for the pingback. It is a subject that most cannot agree upon, as you know I find it to be most ridiculous as a ring does not make a marriage – people do. =)


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