Guest Post: Friend Request


By Peter Black

If you’ve been following Peter Black, you know Heavy and I are friends.  For those who haven’t, Heavy and I go back like babies with pacifiers.  R.I.P. Old Dirty Bastard!

Well, and it’s a big WELL, just like Tiger Woods, minus the 9-iron and fame of course, Heavy is in the middle of a quagmire.  His Boo contacted Wifey via Facebook.  Let me be clear.  I don’t condone Heavy’s behavior and he &^%$#@ up royally.  I actually like his Wifey.  However, had he followed a few simple rules, things might be different.

“How can you mend a broken heart?” Al Green

1.      Facebook; “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Social Media has its benefits and draw backs.  Stay away from Facebook.  If you’re a player, cancel your account immediately.  It can’t lead to anything good, never has and never will.  When will people understand, Facebook is global.  It creates a paper trail, making you transparent and exposing your every move.

2.      Emotional Attachment

From our conversation, I could tell Heavy was attached.  The hell with Nike, don’t do it.  Never ever, I mean ever, get emotionally attached to Boo, Jump off or someone in rotation.  In the big scheme of things, emotional attachment leads to confusion, blurring the lines of the hierarchy.

3.      Treat her like Boo

Remember guys, Boo is boo and while she’s fun to be around, she can never be Wifey.  If you treat her like Wifey, she will eventually believe she’s Wifey, leading to a disaster.

4.      Protect your technology

My grandmother says honesty is the best policy.  Uh, not really!  The appearance of honesty is the best policy.  Lock your cell phone.  Turn down the volume and frequently change your password.  If need be, have multiple email accounts.


Peter Black

About the Author:

Peter Black aka Benghazi dons a panoramic outlook, giving him a unique hue.  He is a full-fledged libertarian, living life according to his own terms.  Rocked since birth, Peter has Rock Star DNA and is well-traveled.  Born in the South and raised by his mother, he’s a Southern Gentleman but has an affinity for the East Coast.  Peter enjoys the creative process and when he’s not blogging, he’s creating projects for his You Tube channel.

As you can see Social Media and Cheating don’t mix! As my friend Boho Chic always say Facebook is the Unspoken Truth!

 Have you ever been busted on Facebook? What else would you do to keep Wifey and Boo separate?


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