Happy Valentine’s Day from St. Peter Black


You’ve heard it before.Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.As catchy as it sounds, it just isn’t true. Sorry, the tagline was created to sell books. I’ll admit men and women have obvious differences but the dividing line is perspective. So, ladies, while you’re pruning those dozen roses, in the name of St.Valentine, know, depending on the guy, they carry a deeper message. Below is a list of things from the Male Perspective.

*We don’t give in to your pouting because we’re annoyed.  We acquiesce because we like the way your eyes light up when you’re excited.

*We don’t engage in sex solely for the orgasm.  We do it because it is with you.

*We don’t compromise merely for the sake of compromising.  We compromise because we understand that a better you means a better us.

*We don’t dislike crying because you’re crying.  We don’t like it because when you’re hurt we are too.

*We don’t buy you things because it demonstrates love.  We buy you things because we just want to.

*We don’t forget things that are important to you on purpose.  We lose track of things because we are trying to do everything you ask of us.

*We don’t tell you good morning for the sake of saying it.  With you, the morning is actually good.

*We don’t misunderstand what you are saying.  We get it but we seek further clarity because we want to make sure we don’t make the same mistake again.

*We don’t withdraw to the man cave because we don’t want to be with you.  We need time to reflect on our purpose, renew our strength, review our mistakes, helping us become a better man.

*We don’t avoid confrontation because we can’t communicate.  We avoid it because we’d rather spend our energy fighting for us.


About the Author:

Peter Black aka Benghazi dons a panoramic outlook, giving him a unique hue.  He is a full-fledged libertarian, living life according to his own terms.  Rocked since birth, Peter has Rock Star DNA and is well-traveled.  Born in the South and raised by his mother, he’s a Southern Gentleman but has an affinity for the East Coast.  Peter enjoys the creative process and when he’s not blogging, he’s creating projects for his You Tube channel. Check out Peter Black’s blog  Follow him on Twitter @askpeterblack


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  1. GREAT perspective never looked at it in that light, thanks for the enlightenment!


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