It’s Complicated….Time to Re-Examine the Relationship

There comes a time when you must step back and re-examine the situation you are in. We tend to stay in a relationship simply because of the years that have been invested in it or we tend to hold on to the thought of a certain relationship because of the years that were invested. Hoping for the possibility of a reunion. We become complacent because it is familiar or it doesn’t require growth or change. We don’t want to open ourselves to the possibility of something new.

For the one that says oh we’ve been together for years. Our families are involved. The question for you is at what point do you stop and think about what’s keeping you from progressing to the next level. Is it distance, time, fear,or complacency? Is it work, school, or money? All those things can be changed but you must be willing. You say I’m in love with him/her. He’s my rock. She’s a good woman. I don’t know what the future holds for us. What’s the problem? There’s a need to re-examine the relationship.  You’re not getting any younger. That’s real talk!

For the one that’s holding on to the possibility of reconnecting with that one great love. The question is what is keeping you apart from each other. Why aren’t you making it  happen? Why are you holding on to the idea and not making it a reality? Is it fear, stubbornness, procrastination?  You say he/she will always be my one true love. What the problem? Again I say there’s a need to re-examine the relationship. Time does not wait for any one.

Perhaps during the re-examination you will find that the only thing you are holding on to are all of those years. That really and truly, the love has faded and there is no turning back. Maybe you have outgrown each other. There could very well be someone new staring you in the face but you’re too blinded by the old love. Then again maybe you will discover that you can’t be without that person and do something to reclaim the lost love or rekindle the flame. You will never know until you take time to re-examine the relationship. Communication is the key.  It would be such a pity to let love slip right through your fingers. It would also be such a shame to let a wonderful opportunity pass you by.

That’s my truth about dating!


Have you ever been afraid to end a relationship because of the number of years you’ve been together? Have you ever become complacent in a relationship?


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  1. Well, time can prove everything. I have ever been afraid to end a relationship because of the number of years we have been together, because I even treat him as my family not only the person whom I love. I am proud of this relationship to a certain degree.


  2. And I believe he is my true love.


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