Henna May Be A Winner



I decided to try henna after reading and hearing about its wonderful benefits for natural hair. I tried to read everything I could find about it online. Let me tell it is an overwhelming abundance of information about henna. There were many different types of henna and many recipes for mixing henna. I decided I would try Curly Nikki’s recipe. She has a very detailed tutorial on how to henna on her site. Click here henna tutorial

I follow her instructions step by step. I had newspaper all over the bathroom. I only left it on for 4 hours because I was anxious to see the results. The results were amazing! My hair was soft and shiny. The color wasn’t as auburn as I would have liked it to be. It was probably a result of not leaving it on for the full amount of time. What I can say is that it colored my gray strands beautifully!

I tried henna again 4 weeks later and again the results were awesome! I left it in for 12 hours this time. I did what Curly Nikki suggested and used two plastic caps and a satin bonnet and got some sleep. The next morning I rinsed, conditioned, and styled. I believe in time I will get the auburn color that I am seeking. My plan is to henna every 4 weeks if time allows. I used Jamila Henna BAQ and I am hooked. I found it on Amazon.

It looks like henna is a winner for me! Stay tuned 🙂

Have you tried henna? Do you have any stories or tips to share? Do tell!




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