It’s Been A Long Time……

It’s been a long time , shouldn’t have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to. ~Eric B & Rakim

Ok so maybe I’m not a lyrist, but I think that line is dope!

It has been such a long time since I have blogged. A lot has happened since I have graced you with a post. Let’s see where do I start…………First and foremost let me say I finished my dissertation….I am officially Dr. Truthseeker411. I had my final defense March 19, 2014 and graduated May 9, 2014. I will never forget those dates. That’s why I have been MIA. I had to buckle down and finish the big D. I made the decision back in August 2013 that I was graduating May 2014. I had to make that ish happen for my sanity. Therefore, blogging was pushed to the back burner. I really, really missed blogging during the time I was writing my dissertation.

You’re probably thinking what the hell have I been doing since then. Well after graduation I had surgery and then that turned into a nightmare. I ended up in the hospital for an infection. Arghh!!! I was there for about a week, and then I had to recover from that ish.  After recovery, I thought I was ready to blog again. I was wrong, so so wrong. I tried writing and I just couldn’t. I even tried to start reading books again because I am such an avid reader…….Wrong again! What the hell is wrong with me, I thought. I finally figured out what was wrong with me. My body, mind, and soul needed a long break after long grueling nights at the computer reading, researching, and writing. Basically, I have been on sabbatical. Now it is a year later and I have been thinking I really miss blogging. One of my sister friends asked when was I going to start blogging.  Actually more than one sister friend asked. I hear you ladies. It’s time to start again!

There is so much that has happened however, I can put it all in one blog post. Stay tuned!!

P.S. I really, really miss blogging!

Dr. Truthseeker

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  1. How wonderful!
    Welcome back. I’ve missed the entertaining blogs. Can’t wait to read the next one ☺️


  2. Thank you! It feels good to be back!


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