About True Essence

I am a southern belle in my thirties who enjoy writing and sharing my truth or falsities about dating relationships, friendships, and life. I am a lover of many things such as: cooking, writing, shopping, traveling, or simply lounging and reading a good book. My favorite color is purple. I’m a sucker for a cute pair of shoes. I am officially Dr. Truthseeker411.

I truly believe life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. With that being said, life without chocolate is simply boring. I also believe everyone should embrace their inner princess or prince. It will definitely help you elevate to a queen or king in your own right. Okay enough of my shenanigans. I hope you enjoy my blog!

True Essence is a lifestyle blog that embodies many elements such as love, life, style, and natural hair. This online magazine is filled with inspiration, humor, advice, and entertainment all while discovering the true essence of the things that make us who we are. What is your True Essence?

Happy Reading!


  1. Please add me to your email, I’d like to get your new posts I like your blog. Your doing a great job.


  2. I will add you to my subscriptions! Thanks for taking interest in my blog.


  3. Great blog TruthSeeker, we are all looking for the truth about love!


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