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All I Want For Christmas……


It’s something about the holidays and cooler temperatures that make men and women want to get a cuddle boo. Perhaps it’s the romantic fires, thoughts of holiday nookie, snuggle-friendly weather, holiday parties, watching others with their boo, or just the pure thought of being lonely. They start searching high and low and when that doesn’t work out, they pull out the cell phone and scroll through the ex-files. The crew over at Bougieland refer to this as the “TapBack”. This is when an old flame reaches out because they want you back, they want to tap for old times sake, or they want to mess with your head.

I’m sure most of you have been hit with the “TapBack” call at least once or twice. I’d venture to say that you have been the initiator of the “TapBack”. 😉

My “TapBack” Story

The other day I posted pictures from the Thanksgiving holiday on Facebook. An old flame saw them and clicked like and left a comment. A day later I got a phone call from Mr. Handsome from the ex-files. We exchanged pleasantries and the conversation took a turn. He said seeing the pictures on Facebook brought back memories of our time together and it got him to thinking about how we should start seeing each other again. He went on to say that I was looking good and he would love to go somewhere for drinks and catch up. He said he’d been thinking about me for a while and he doesn’t understand why we parted ways. Hmmm Interesting

As I recalled we parted ways because we were not on the same page… among other things. It’s funny he now has amnesia. Anyway, back to the story……He continued to lay it on thick. He said I was very good to him and we should pick up where we left off. Then he had the audacity to say it’s cold and he should be keeping me warm at night. I continued to listen to his spill, laugh to myself, and shake my head. Here’s the icing on the cake:

Him: We shouldn’t be alone during the holidays.

Me: What makes you think I am alone?

Him: Are you dating someone?

Me: As a matter of fact, I am!

Him: You guys can’t be serious! I know I still have a chance with you!

Me: How do you know this?

Him: Because we are very good for each other.

Me: Wow!

Him: You are the one thing that would make my holidays complete. All I want for Christmas….is you.

I politely told Mr. Handsome we will not be tapping back. I am no one’s fall back girl. I also told him that what we shared was lovely but that’s in the past.  Loneliness is not a reason to reconnect with someone; especially if it’s temporary. Lastly, I told him to have a Merry Christmas.

I gotta give it to a brother. He really tried to be convincing but I wasn’t buying. Now don’t get me wrong, the “TapBack” isn’t a bad thing. It’s great when both parties are down with tapping back and intentions are clearly stated.  Nonetheless; as with any thing, you have to be careful.

Do you have any “TapBack” stories? Have you ever been the “TapBacker” or the “TapBackee”? Are you looking for a cuddle boo for Christmas?

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A Special Message to Truthseeker Fans

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What are your holiday plans?

Celebrating Solo

What do the lonely do at Christmas?

That’s the question that the group, The Emotions ask in their unforgettable holiday song. Have you truly listened to the lyrics. That song is depressing! Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice song and I look forward to blasting it along with other Christmas Classics every year. Listening to it over and over would drive me insane! Click here to listen to the song………

So here is my question…………Who said you had to be lonely for Christmas?

Many people will spend Christmas alone whether single, divorced, married. There are many reasons why people will be alone for Christmas but it doesn’t have to be a sad or depressing time. There are many things you can do to occupy your time during the holidays. The key is creating your own joy. Here is a list of things that you can do to make your holiday one to remember:

1. Break the normal holiday tradition and create your own tradition.

2. Consider an exotic island getaway-Bahamas, Jamaica, or Cancun.

3. Volunteer for a good cause-Shelters could always use the extra help. It would really warm your heart to help others.

4. Surround yourself with others that may be alone for Christmas and have a dinner party or go out and do something fun.

5. Indulge yourself in the things you like to do. Whether it is a cooking, watching movies, reading books, or creating something.

Don’t let the fact that you are alone, stop you from having fun on Christmas. There are many things that you could do by yourself on Christmas, that maybe will not be as much fun when done with someone. You never know, you may just have one of the best Christmases this year.

P.S. Whatever you do don’t listen to that song over and over! 🙂

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