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For the Fellas

Today I want to celebrate MEN! I know we have a world full of cheating, lying, scheming ass men but there are still a few good men left. Today is the day for the man who is taking care of his business by being faithful, loyal, trustworthy, a provider, a friend, a lover, a supporter………basically an all around good guy. Thank you for being YOU! To all the men who was once before a lowdown dirty dog and decided to turn over a new leaf, Thank you!  I know sometimes you feel out numbered and that you have to pay for the sins of another man. Keep doing what you are doing! It’s your day, embrace it. Women may talk about how men are jerks but the bottom line………We still need and want you…….not to mention we love you!

Let me tell you what women love about you:

  1. your drive and ambition
  2. your confidence
  3. your honesty
  4. your sense of humor
  5. your appearance
  6. how you defend her honor
  7. how you handle business
  8. how you take care of your responsibility

Fellas, you are very strong and sexy! God created you just for us. How could we not love that?

To all the women, tell your husband, your boyfriend, your lover, your friend that today his day and he is Awesome!!

Ladies, what are some things you love about men?  Share an awesome experience you had with a man whether it’s your husband, father, brother, friend, etc.

Fellas feel free to give feedback. We want to hear from you.

Have a Happy & Wonderful Father’s Day!!

Dr. Truthseeker


Deal or No Deal?

Today’s post is from a conversation I had with a male acquaintance. I just had to share. I would like to hear from the men and women. We were discussing dating and relationships. We were also discussing his requirements for a woman if she wants to date him. I must say they are quite interesting……………

The male acquaintance said he has watched and observed over the years they way men have treated women. He feels that because of all the heartache women have gone through,they will more likely fulfill all of his requirements. He says is he is a pretty good man and he will treat a woman right. He won’t cheat or abuse her. He will take her places, support her, and be the guy she needs and wants. He said she can have all that BUT she must:

1. Keep her hair long. She must never cut it (including pubic hair).

2. Walk around the house naked in his presence at all times. (whether he’s at her house or his)

3.  Never refuse to have sex with him no matter how often he wants it.

4. Engage in any sexual activity that he chooses.

He said the list is not negotiable; failure to fulfill the list will result in a break up. I laughed so hard because I thought it was a joke. I said, “You’re joking right?” He said, “No not at all.” He went on to say that he has had several girlfriends that fulfilled the list because they knew in their mind that he was a great guy. They were ok with engaging in things that weren’t comfortable for a little happiness.

Basically in a nutshell, if a woman wants a guy that doesn’t cheat then give up a little dignity and respect and you will be happy. I say to each his own. Is this a deal or no deal? Is he any better than the guy who cheats and abuses his woman? Should women settle for a relationship like this?  What are your thoughts? Speak your mind.


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