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The Best Part of Waking Up

There is nothing like a big, hot cup of  Java also known as morning nookie. It’s powerful enough to get even the grumpiest person going.  I would know, since I’m that person.  Everybody knows that I don’t do mornings. My motto is “I’m all yours after 10”. The one thing that can make me smile, dance in the rain, or spread a little cheer in the morning is hot Java and I am not talking about Folgers.

Just picture this. You and hot Java cuddled up and the break of dawn starts peeking through the windows. He stirs, you stir. The next thing you know he’s stroking your hair, kissing your neck, or nibbling your ear. You’re smiling because you know what’s about to go down. Temptation must not be resisted even if you may have to rush and get ready for work. Enjoy the horizontal boogie.  Indulging in that hot cup of Joe is a must to get your day started. Most people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well that’s true to a certain degree. Breakfast after morning nookie is the most important meal of the day.

Now some will disagree with me and say nookie is better at night. They would say that you are well rested after a night of nook-nook. I agree with that whole-heartedly but morning nookie is good for your health. According to Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., author of Because It Feels Good, having sex in the morning releases the feel-good chemical oxytocin, which makes couples feel loving and bonded all day long. It makes you stronger and more beautiful too!  Morning sex can strengthen your immune system for the day by enhancing your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection.  Also climaxing releases chemicals that boost levels of estrogen, which improves the tone and texture of your skin and hair.

If you are tired of the day-to-day routine and need a little pick me up. Try having a nice cup of morning Joe.  You can have it dark or with sugar and cream. Either way it will benefit you and him. Take advantage of the natural wake up call that the cup of Joe exhibits. Men are wired to want nookie in the mornings.  Indulge in a morning quickie. Being spontaneous will intensify the experience.  After all the best part of waking up is a hot cup of Java!

What time of day do you like to have your hot Java?



15 Years and Still Getting It

Who ever said sex stops after marriage should reconsider that statement or perhaps have a word with my friend Sasha. She has been married for 15 years and is still enjoying nights full of pleasure with her husband.

So I asked her did she really think  women stop having sex after marriage? Is it a myth or the truth?

Sasha can’t imagine not having sex with her husband. She said maybe for some women the myth is true but she can’t understand why. I told her a lot of women say because of their jobs, children, and maintaining a household it’s hard to make time for sex. They are too exhausted.Her reply, “I have all of those things, been married for 15 years, and my sex life is still thriving.”  She said she looks forward to making love, having hot steamy sex, and totally being a super freak with her husband. Sex for her is a stress reliever. Once she gets a little nookie, she can conquer the world.

Another thing she said was  you have to keep it fresh. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be creative. She enjoys putting on a show for her husband and more importantly her husband enjoys the performance. She has a nice collection of lingerie, wigs, costumes, and stilettos.

She also said she takes full advantage when the children are not home. She moves her sexual escapades to various parts of the house. She said getting some good ass fantastic loving doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom. Her house is filled with places to do the horizontal polka. She likes being the aggressor from time to time………well most of the time. Being the initiator is a great turn-on for most men. It makes for a hellacious orgasmic night of passion, fireworks, or perhaps the neighbors knowing more than just your name 😉

This conversation took place a couple of weeks ago. It was Sasha, two other women and me. I was the only single woman and I really enjoyed hearing what they had to say about sex after marriage. Especially Sasha!!! By the end of the conversation, she started having flashbacks of nights of ecstasy with her hubby.  She told us she had to leave. She and her husband were going to be home alone and she had to get her freak on! Too be honest, I think the other ladies went home and took advantage of their husbands in a kinky sexy kind of way. Perhaps E.L. James should write a book about Sasha’s sex life. Fifty Shades of Sasha 😉

According to this article, it isn’t a myth that women stop having sex after marriage.  One thing is for certain, there is always an outlier. Just look at Sasha. She has been married for 15 years and still getting it!

Her last words were………..if my husband cheats or has ever cheated, it’s not or wouldn’t be because he isn’t fulfilled sexually. She declares she brings her A game to the bedroom.

To all the married women……….Have you stopped having sex since being married? Are you still getting it in like Sasha? What are your thoughts?

To all the married men………..Are you in a sexless marriage or are you getting the good-good from your wife? Share your thoughts.

Single people you are more than welcome to chime in.


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