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Happy Weight

Ok Ladies……….Have you ever been hanging around the house with your new sweetheart, and couldn’t wait to unbuttoned your jeans? Not because you wanted to get busy, but because the jeans were feeling snug.

Most of us have fallen victim to the dreaded weight gain when happiness strikes. I know I have.  Is it because we stop caring for ourselves? I don’t think so.

Picture this….. You and sweetheart are going to restaurant after restaurant; having dinner and cocktails. You have movie nights with pizza and hot wings. Then you find yourself cuddling more on the couch instead of going to the gym. Oh and not to mention enjoying those sweet treats Shari’s Berries your sweetheart is sending all the time. Then suddenly, you look up and your ass is  fat 10, 15, or 25 pounds heavier.

The thing that is most irritating is that the man usually doesn’t gain weight. Therefore, you find yourself with extra baggage and he is slim and trim. What’s even worse is when you and your sweetheart break up and you have all that weight gain…………….so not fair (LOL!) Here is what you do when you are in an exciting new relationship:

  1. When eating out, eat half of your food and take the rest to go.  Don’t try to keep up with your sweetheart. If you get dessert, make him split it with you.
  2. Limit the cocktails. If your man is guzzling all the wine, that doesn’t mean you have to compete.
  3. Instead of snuggling on the couch several nights of week, go for a walk together.
  4. Convince your sweetheart to join the gym or workout with you. You could even take dance lessons together.

The excitement of a new relationship is alway fun. You enjoy being with that special someone and doing all the wonderful things that couples do. Our hips and tummy pay the price but remember they don’t have too. Enjoy your man and still be sexy. I know…I know..It’s easier said than done.

Have you ever experienced weight gain in a relationship? Fellas, can you relate?


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